Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Meryl Streep"The Iron Lady" , The Best Actress Oscar 2012

Academy Award 2012 was over, although there are many surprises, but the Oscar this year so festive. Through his role in "The Iron Lady", Meryl Streep beat Glenn Close, who won an Oscar early to predict. Meryl Streep was shocked when his name called as the Oscar-winning 2012. In accepting the Oscar, Merryl Streep in the spirit he immediately said ". The Iron Lady". "Whatever"..!!  Hmm .. maybe this is the answer to that film critics from the start not menjagokannya. The Iron Lady is not possible is a commercial, but Merryl Streep has been answered through her role as Margaret Thatcher

Monday, February 27, 2012

Daniel von Bargen Suicide

 Daniel von Bargen 'Malcolm in the Middle' reportedly lying in hospital after failed suicide attempts. According to reports ABC News, on Monday morning Daniel von Bargen yesterday shot himself in the head with a pistol colt.38. Police found the badly injured condition. When he was interviewed by ABC News, he did attempt suicide because of frustration with the increasingly severe diabetes. The actor was 61 years old, has lost one leg and will likely miss the remaining part of the foot. The latest news from Bethesda North Hospital, now Von Bargen condition gradually improved.